It’s a crisp Fall day.  The sun is starting to peak above the trees as the morning dew drips from the green grass. Cool air whips briskly through your hair. As you ride on the open road all you can feel is the rumble of your engine and your heart beating hard against your chest. This is your time. Free from all distraction, man and machine are a force rising to meet the challenge of a new dawn.

Freedom is the inspiration behind the Deus line. Based out of Australia, Deus ex Machina (day-us) has been building some of the most beautiful motorcycles in the world since 2006. Translated to “god of the machine,” the brand was developed from the world of custom motorbikes, surf, and travel culture. Since its inception, they’ve grown from a custom motorcycle shop into an international lifestyle brand that focuses on clothing, travel gear, custom motorcycles and surfboards of superior quality. As an art-driven band of engineers, surfers, designers, travelers, baristas, and culture-enthusiasts, everything they produce results in inspiration.

Deus represents something more than just a brand – it represents the lifestyle of a man that doesn’t want to fit in between the lines but rather break out of them. Deus is the definition of cool, so grab your surfboard, strap it to your motorcycle, and head for the coast – or just head to Article and pick up a wide range of accessories, badass t-shirts and trousers so you can at least look the part.