Since when did the idea of “smelling like a man” become a guy with his shirt off, on a yacht, wearing white capri’s and a sweater wrapped around his neck?  That doesn’t sound very manly does it?  A man should smell like the earth – the kind you go searching for while backpacking in a lush forest, the highest snow-topped mountains, or on the coast of the sea.  It’s time to stop smelling like your girlfriend and start smelling like a damn man!

Juniper Ridge makes this easier by bringing the outdoors to you.  They travel around the beautiful countryside sustainably foraging the best smelling natural ingredients they can find.  Juniper Ridge makes cologne, soap, and scents the old fashioned way from start to finish in their Oakland, California workshop, and they’re the only company in the world extracting and formulating 100% real, plant-based fragrances. Imagine clearing a trail in the mountains above Big Sur, having a campfire in the Mojave Desert, or hiking in the Sierra with the smell of winter right around the corner.  Juniper Ridge bottles these scents, and makes it possible to have them at home.

Every other perfume company uses synthetic ingredients – even the “organic” brands.  Juniper Ridge hikes the trail, harvesting plants, barks, and leaves, and then breaks it down until all that is left is the oil (the good smellin’ stuff). It takes over 500 gallons of redwood trimmings to make one pint of aromatic oils. This is a ton of work, but to them it’s worth it to make a superb smelling, all natural fragrance that reminds people of the great outdoors.

Even if you’re in the middle of a bustling city, you can still be reminded of the crisp mountain air or the salty aroma of the pacific. Smell like a man again and pick up a variety of Juniper Ridge cologne, soap, and cabin sprays, this fall at ARTICLE.