If you are a fan of Spoon, you are completely aware of how consistent this Austin-based band can be. In fact, rating site Metacritic crowned them “The Best Band of the Decade” due to their consistently acclaimed releases. The streak that Spoon is on is quite spectacular knowing that they have nine studio albums under their belt, and on their latest LP, Hot Thoughts, Spoon truly shows how to remain so consistently impressive at playing no-nonsense Rock and Roll, but tweaking their trademark sound along the way.

If anything, this is Spoon’s defining pop record. The beats are incredibly catchy. The guitars punch throughout each and every song like they always have, but on tracks like “WhisperI’lllistentohearit” and “First Caress” Spoon decides to take a more electronic approach adding synthesizers and drum machines to the formula. Frontman Brit Daniel’s songwriting has also been the most straightforward in his career. The metaphors and hidden meanings are hard to find on Hot Thoughts, Brit just wants to cut to the chase.

The touch of flair that Spoon brings on Hot Thoughts cannot go unnoticed.  Hot Thoughts is without a doubt Spoon’s most steamy and sensual album to date. The album’s name can even back it up. On tracks like “Do I Have to Talk You Into It” Brit Daniel belts out the lines (“I wanna whisper down the tube, all kinds of words you would never use.”) On the album’s instrumental closer, “Us” features a smoky horn section backed to marimbas and a colorful array of percussion. Despite not having any guitar or vocals (Spoon’s most trademark assets,) “Us” displays Spoon at its most sexy and experimental.

With the summer approaching, there isn’t a better record to soundtrack the season. Whether you’ve been listening to Spoon for the past two decades or if they are a recent discovery, Hot Thoughts will be the album you’ll play at parties, bonfires, and maybe even the late intimate nights inside. There is a good chance you will hear some of it inside of the shop too.

If you want to see them perform some of their new record live, they play in Columbus, Ohio on May 11th at Newport Music Hall and in Louisville, KY at Forecastle Festival on July 16th.

Listen to the full Hot Thoughts album on Spotify here: