Back when Article was just a glint of hope, we were introduced to Chris Sutton – founder of Noble – at just the right moment.  Our ideals lined up closely: provide the world with goods made the right way, genuinely presented, fulfilling to the customer, and with a foundation built in Cincinnati.  We became fast friends.

As both of our brands have continued to expand, the ethos laid out in our first-ever conversation continue to resonate, which is why we couldn’t be more thrilled with Noble’s new manufacturing partners in Tennessee.  It seems as if Noble has again arrived on the scene just in the knick of time for another company, breathing new life into their plans and positively changing their trajectory.

The recession has divided consumers into two groups.  There are those that seek to buy disposable goods as cheap as possible, often having undesirable effects on the world around us, and then there are those of us that decide to make intentional purchase decisions.  Spending a little bit more on goods that are heartfelt, high-quality, and longer-lasting is much more fulfilling and has the unique ability to positively impact our friends and neighbors.

By partnering with their craftsmen in Tennessee, Noble is able to provide the same exceptional quality while focusing on continuing their original mission: high-quality, hand-crafted, ethically-produced products with a home base in Cincinnati.  We can’t wait to see where their next chapter takes them, and we’ll be rooting them on the whole way.

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