What a difference a year makes. Today Article celebrates our first anniversary.

You’re never quite sure what will happen when you step into the unknown. A year ago, Article was just a hopeful thought coupled with a collection of blog posts. If felt right moving forward, but as a new business, we weren’t sure whether our idea was brilliant or crazy.  But like any other love you chase, you’ll never be totally fulfilled unless you run to it with all you have. So we ran.

Cincinnati, you have accepted us into the fabric of your city.  Your passionate response has been incredible. The support we’ve had from all angles serves as a reminder that we could not have chosen a better place to take root. You are at once majestic, aged, beautiful, classic, and progressive.  We root for you. You are our home team, and times are good. 

Thank you to the countless mentors, friends, family, consultants, and peers that helped clarify our vision and drive us forward. We know that Article wouldn’t be in existence without your support, and we appreciate all that you continue to bring to Article’s life. 

Thank you to the most important person of all – YOU, our customer.  Whether you’ve purchased every item or you simply follow us on Instagram, your support keeps us afloat. It lifts our spirits when our small team gets weary.  It reminds us of who we serve. It gives us the means to thrive, grow, and improve. We are forever indebted to you. 

Article exists to reclaim manhood through the virtues of confidence, creativity, and community.  An empowered man is more adeptly equipped to improve himself and others around him. He’s a better leader, entrepreneur, teacher, father, lover, and friend. His words build others up – not down. His attention to detail is evident. Never out of style.  Always quality. 

This is our mission. We are just getting started.

Anthony Graziani – Founder



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