As the weather here in Cincinnati starts to heat up, we must start to shed our beloved layers. No more M65 jackets over a cable-knit sweater and our favorite oxford shirt for the time being. But do not despair! As much as we love our layering, we present to you a brand that will make you realize the joys of pulling off those clean summer fits day after day. If you frequent our store, you have likely seen some items on the floor. These guys are Saturdays NYC and they are based out of…you guessed it, New York City.


Saturdays NYC started as Saturdays Surf NYC in 2009 by three dudes in the fashion industry who all shared the same passion, and that was surfing. Saturdays NYC began to pump out the basics: shirts and shorts for their first few lookbooks. However, over the years, Saturdays NYC have become one of the most evolved and matured brands today in menswear, offering much more than t-shirts and swim trunks, but still sticking to their basic and minimal roots. While their new lookbook for spring boasts an eccentric array of jackets, button-downs, and even suitwear, you can still find that shirt or pair of board shorts to incorporate with any summer outfit you can concoct for these next four months.


Without a doubt, Saturdays NYC has become a revered brand for any dude who’s favorite season is summer. They are a household name here at Article and hundreds of other stockists around the world. Despite having a massive online retail presence, their brick + mortar stores are just as cool as their clothes. With two shops in New York City, a shop in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, and FIVE other shops located throughout Japan, there is no sign of slowing down for Saturdays NYC. So whether your looking for that vital long sleeve tee, a versatile oxford, or even a pair summer dress pants, we’ll have it at the shop and that tag will read Saturdays NYC.