In Shop Spotlight, we take you on a journey to some of our favorite retailers in the US and abroad.  This past summer we made the pilgrimage back to one of our favorite inspirations – Imogene and Willie.  The rehabbed gas station storefront in Nashville, TN was started by Matt and Carrie Edmonson in 2009, and has become a mecca for in-house tailored jeans that fit perfectly and tell the story of their wearer.

Our manager, Cale, took the opportunity to get a pair and we thought it appropriate to share the experience.  Imogene and Willie will forever serve as a one of our benchmarks of activity at Article and sister store, Idlewild.  They’ve recently completed a remodel.  So these photos may seem a bit outdated if you’ve recently visited.  With each new trip to Nashville it seems they’ve completely redone the place.  Cheers guys.